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Members & Visitors
Rules of Conduct

We want to make all our meetings & workshops at the Inventors Network the most helpful for everyone.  To assist in accomplishing this, we require that you follow these simple, professional rules of conduct:

Any conduct violating the rules below can result in immediate discontinuation of membership and/or no allowance in any future meeting or workshop. 

Be Polite

It’s good to be helpful and give good, honest, constructive advice.  However, it is not in good taste nor acceptable to negatively criticize or make fun of anyone’s idea, invention or product. 

Listen more than you speak

Yes, please do speak up when you have some good advice to give, but please remember not to take too much time or speak too often as to dominate the conversation and not give others a chance to weigh in on giving feedback to another member.

This is not the debate team

While it’s OK to give your opinion on an issue or an idea, arguing a point with someone is not productive or acceptable in any of our meeting or workshop settings.  

Stay on topic

We have a limited amount of time to try and help as many people as we can.  Please keep your comments and inputs central to the issue or topic we are addressing at the time. 

Stay attentive

When someone else is speaking, always give them the courtesy of listening and being attentive.  Don’t engage in separate conversations or try talking over someone while someone else has the floor.

Distraction-Free Zone

Unless it’s directly related to the topic being discussed, please refrain from using cell phones, laptops, or other media devices that would cause distractions.  If you need to receive or make a call, please do so outside the meeting room, or if online mute and/or turn your camera off. 


Anyone misrepresenting themselves, making false claims or statements will not be tolerated or allowed to return to any meetings or workshops.

Keep it clean

Please be respectful of the sensitivity of others. Do not engage in obscene gestures, vulgar or unprofessional comments (verbal or in print/chat/digitally), shouting, profanity or other disruptive behavior.

Keep it clean, part II

When at in-person meetings, please be sure to clean up your area before you leave: disposable items in the trash, etc.  Leave the room as you found it. 

Substance Abuse

Anyone who comes to the meetings or workshops while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave or removed immediately, and not be allowed to return to any meetings or workshops.  Neither drugs nor alcohol will be allowed on the premises at any time, either in-person or online.

Leave Well-Enough Alone

Never make harassing calls, emails, or other communications to members or visitors, either inside meetings or on outside platforms or other venues. This includes excessive persuasion or sales tactics, especially after the other person has politely said “no”.

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