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Step 2: Sign the NDA for admittance to the Workshops

Inventors Network KY
Inventors & Entrepreneurs Workshop

Confidential & Non-Disclosure Agreement

With my signature, I agree to be bound by the terms of the “Workshop Ground Rules” which I have read and understood, and to hold in confidence all knowledge concerning any invention discussed by any member, be it a group or an independent project. I will maintain this confidence until the project or invention has been abandoned or a patent has been issued or published.

Ground Rules

The purpose for this workshop is to provide a collaborative educational format for members of the Inventors Network Kentucky. Cooperative assistance, information and advice may also be given to an inventor by other workshop meeting member-attendees.



All workshop attendees must be members of the Inventors Network and are required to sign the Nondisclosure agreement. This agreement remains in effect for members who may not choose to renew their membership.

All ideas put forth by any member, to assist an inventor, will belong to the inventor as appropriate and be free of any expected gain of any kind, by the contributor. A contract comes into effect upon signing the nondisclosure agreement and incorporated herein by reference.

I Paid This Membership Level: (annual or monthy payments)
I Paid This Membership Level: (annual or monthy payments)

Thanks for submitting your Member Information & NDA We look forward to seeing you at the next Workshop!

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