Every inventor should strive to tell three stories with their product: Establishing an idea, Overcoming an obstacle, and Succeeding at the implementation of that idea. These are some examples of inventors we've worked with who have gone the distance and can now speak of their third and most important part of their journey:  Success.


"I would have never got my successful invention off the ground without your help."

Dan A., Inventor​​ 

"Thanks for the help and input...had a blast and learned a lot, plus it was very motivating to engage with all the positive energy. My hat is off to you for doing this."
Brian S., Product Developer
Eddie Turner
Rhino Cart is a remarkable, new way to repair and build. These fixture stations come equipped with a reversible tabletop, wheeled-legs with locking casters for mobile or stationary work, and a myriad of shelves and racks to organize a variety of tools.
Bennett Gatto
Bennett and the rest of Active Therapy Systems have been awarded an SBIR Grant to continue their revolutionary new treatment of Parkinson's Disease.
Sandra Marlowe
Combining the nutritional goodness of Barley, Amaranth, Quinoa, Chia, Oats, Millet and Buckwheat, our ancient grain infused artisan drink delivers the powerful wellness benefits of prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and natural fruit juices, all in one bottle.
Scott Barnhill
The aesthetic marriage of landscaping and fountains has given Scott Barnhill the means to create his own medium: aquascapes
Tom and Gretchen Roentz
The heat and glare from the sun made sitting on Tom & Gretchen’s patio unbearable. The umbrella had to be tilted to provide any shade but left half the table exposed. After searching unsuccessfully for something that would help make using their patio more enjoyable Tom came up with the idea for ShadeMount. A moveable umbrella holder that attaches to the deck rail. When in use, ShadeMount moves the umbrella away from the table and provides shade to a much larger area. Best of all, ShadeMount can
Adam and Kara Mays
Adam and Kara were looking for a solution to a problem that was close to home for them – finding a place to put all the things you have to juggle while out with the baby – cell phone, keys, extra pacifiers, snacks, etc. So they went to work designing – by mom for mom – the Mommy Pouch.
Cecil Runyons
Cecil was looking for a solution to an age-old problem – keeping paint out of the can rim, so the lid would have a factory clean seal each time the can is opened for pouring and painting. This led him to invent the Painter’s Halo, an economical product that is easily pressed into the can rim and completely fills the recess, keeping paint from entering and making a mess.
Mead Longbows
Dave Mead revolutionized the potential of the traditional bow by innovating an ancient tool without altering the time-honored feel and layout.
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