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Invent Appalachia Initiative

The Inventors Network KY is proud to have partnered with the Small Business Administration and others to launch our Invent Appalachia Initiative in 2021, to provide innovation and entrepreneurial resources to some of the most economically challenged areas of our country - Rural Appalachia. 

Here are just some of the programs we have launched through this initiative:


Member Scholarships

We provide full All-Access Member Scholarships to in-need inventors & entrepreneurs in the Appalachian region to give them the opportunity to grow and learn from our innovation community.

New Innovations Area Launched at the National Farm Machinery Show

In February  2022, we launched the first-ever New Innovations Area at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, showcasing innovative agricultural products from all over Appalachia.


New Innovations Area Launched at the Kentucky State Fair

Through a collaboration with the KY Intellectual Property Alliance, we launched the first-ever of it's kind New Innovations Area at the Kentucky State Fair, showcasing new innovations and giving Appalachian inventor/entrepreneurs the opportunity to conduct in-real-life market research to a wide audience.

Individual & Group Support

We provide both one-on-one and group coaching, guidance and support to our community of innovators online meetings and in-person sessions when available.

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Assistance for SBIR Grant Applicants

We have been working with inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs from rural Appalachia that have the potential of applying for and securing SBIR grant programs for their innovations, as well as connecting them to other agency collaborators and partners that compliment our assistance, giving them the best chances for success.

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