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Learn all about new programs especially for bootstrapped entrepreneurs & independent inventors - all from the US Patent Office!Folks from the USPTO are our featured speakers as they present 2 programs you need to know about: the updated Patent Pro Bono Program and the 1st Time Filer Program!


Patent Pro Bono Program – Learn about this this recently updated Program – providing FREE legal patent services across the USA to under-funded & under-resourced inventors. Hear the specifics – and how to apply!


1st Time Filer Program – Hear about this Pilot Program - offering the first time utility patent filer greatly expedited initial patent review, and first Office Actions


Learn how to take your idea for a product or business, the right opportunity, mix that with the sound entrepreneurial wisdom we teach so you can turn them into real things like products and businesses.

New Programs for Inventors from the US Patent & Trademark Office

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